Monday, 27 October 2014

Use of humor in the classroom teaching?

Humour can be fun as long as you don’t give a face of sarcasm especially when we brust out amid those inquisitive kids around.  Humour that degrades and intents to hurt students sentiments either by ridiculing their physical aspects or cognitive abilities or even their culture-religion can lead to a growth of inferiority feeling- and just like that we won’t even realize that the child has slowly but surely faded away from us.  As teacher none of us intent to do so but as I said unaware and out of innocence –at times our humour can go all wrong-although our intent was to make the class rigorously animated.  The subtlety and ambiguity always hangs around with any sort humour.  Thus, we need to be awfully careful about it usage.

 Now, the question is-why do we use humour  in classroom setting?  Reasons-Just a speculation-prone to be debatable-likely to be wrong-but speculation as I said!

Some in pursuit of wit and love for humour-and some wanting to be amuse and some out of sheer frustration-and some to electrify their class-consciously or consciously  resorts to  such a cheap and pathetic humor at times that they ultimately end up maligning a certain camp in a huge group.
Seriously-in school setting-anything that stirs up laughter cannot be humor. As a teacher one cannot even accidentally bear a notion that in the school sense-humour should be light hearted and laughable at cost of students’ failure.  

But yes!  Any lighted hearted positive remarks that evoke laughter from the dreamy looking students in late afternoon classes can be categorized as a superb humour.  Today, in modern school setting, we cannot overlook humour-espicially with banning of corporal punishment,  perhaps to some extent, we can resort to healthy humour to pump up our students and in process get our job done.  Interaction-intimacy and more openness can be developed leading to good teacher-student rapport.  Thus leading to healthy class room teaching atmosphere.   Moreover, it can also make a lovely space to dig deep into the lives of the kids beyond their classroom setting and end up  providing comfort and security in their lives. 

When I say humorous-Teacher need not have to act or look comical-perhaps his tone-mood that brings into the class and ultimately his temperament could also play huge role in establishing animated teaching-learning atmosphere.     

Having said that-if we over do it again it has a tendency of diverting learners attention from the lesson and at times kids can take us very lightly (Here, in negative sense)-and you end up in no man’s land.

But I am sure many would agree that the child’s response to a lesson becomes effective with a well calculated humorous approach-and can ultimately make both the parties happy at the end of period.  

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Parenting (Teaching) kids Through Positive Discipline

Nowadays, it would be too costly for teachers (Parents) to be skeptic about positive discipline.  Bragging about noble intention behind using force is seen as going against the fundamental rights of the child. Seriously speaking, no matter what your intent may be -it is all secondary if you throw your hands at your kids-that’s the bottom-line-fact! Fact! Fact!

Now, let us not touch on the subject whether corporal punishment should be banned or not-such issue has vigorous tendency to ignite more confusion to a simple layman and-agitation and intolerance between the two schools of thought.  Discussing about which party is right and which party isn’t-  looks futile at the moment.  

But, one thing is definite-Corporal Punishment was never formally introduced in our school system.  I believe by the year 2008 in 11th Annual Education Conference, ban on corporal punishment in schools was finally done and dusted and moreover guidance on school discipline was framed in 2011 to further enhance child friendly school.
Therefore, out of sheer frustration, we cannot simply play deaf, dumb and blind towards corporal punishment and take it with the pinch of salt-it would be a wrong approach towards positive discipline.  It is not a compulsion; it is way of life-if you really look in.   Otherwise, double standard will sneak in our Bhutanese society pertaining to it. First, let’s change our mindset-be more positive about the concept of positive discipline and sincerely give serious thought about following it. 
Positive discipline is firmly a long term process therefore our temperament towards it has to be with an absolute patience and also needs to keep in mind that all the apples may not  be of same size with same colour and taste. As long as we have made up our mind to sail in through with it, our attitude-our body language-even our talks needs to pop out positive vibes around. The teachers and parents themselves need to be the institution that’s reflects positivity in life to move forward with positive discipline-otherwise it’s all mockery of such noble path.   
Instantly, jumping into conclusion and saying it doesn’t work can be too ignorant and too harsh. Or simply encountering few dozen miscreants getting on to our nerve shouldn’t make us cynic-then-positive discipline will never find a firm footing in our parenting arena (Home and School).  We need to forget the idea of controlling-or instilling fear to mould our kids-rather we should be hitting hard on how to inspire and motivate them to avoid such misbehavior from their part.  Moreover, we need to be more open-more reaching towards our kids to understand why such offences come from them in the first place.
As long as we are patient-positive and focused-not deterred by few rotten apples-positive discipline will work magic because ultimately it is love that wins over all odds.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Experiential Learning…

Many of our teaching occasions should be framed in such a way that children should get the limelight.  Learning processes that stimulates the kids to actively involve ultimately helps them to embrace accountability to the task assigned.  Moreover, the pleasure and hardship that they draw from such challenges have greater tendency to inculcate the values of appreciating their own ability to persevere, initiate, and to have that genuine sense of ownership to given challenges.  Such approach to teaching is must especially when the learners tend to shy away from their learning and also when you have learners who emanate illusive and shy characteristic.  However, without crystal –clear instructions accompanied with rigorous monitoring and follow-up, such approach can look too casual. Moreover, positive supplementary commentaries and timely guidance must be ensured to enhance experiential learning.

During the course of my teaching, I have lately come to realize that teachers should fade away amid the session- he/she should always brainstorming himself/herself constantly how to create a mood or situation where children can get ample room to exhibit and realize his/her potentials.  I believe, now, it’s quite old fashion for teachers to act like invincible-supreme wisdom holder- transmitting his/her realization to his learners with a stern physical presence.  Today, a teacher should be rather more animated to check whether learners share the same realization as his/her own or not –opinions should be shared amicably and valued.  Imposition of one’s ideas and philosophy is outrages and- out of question. 

When I talk of experiential learning, it cannot be narrowed down to field trips-study tours; in fact, I have this firm believe that any task that arouse the sense of achievements-realization and sense of belonging through his/her internal exploration and discovery can be a part of experiential learning.  Experiential learning need not have to go beyond our classrooms-such misconception can lead to complacency and monotonous teaching where children end up being passive listener and teachers as divine giver.

Numerous probing-brainstorming strategies and creating a situation where learners are bound to be inquisitive, critical and creative can imply that it is an experiential learning.  However, simply making kids to stack facts and figures-and deriving false sense of achievement as the kids admirably regurgitate exactly from test can be a piteous moment in the life of a teacher.  In any learning situation, teacher has to evoke the kids and quietly fade away amid their exploration so that his/her learners can find a way to glow ceaselessly-after all-lets accept it- it’s their show and it’s their stage- and all we can do is sit behind the curtain and relish their awesome performance.  

Hats off to John Dewey for evoking and making teachers like us educationally conscious about experiential learning-the soul searching continues...  

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Teaching English in Remote School…
Having an interactive English class is a mammoth like challenge in remote schools.  English teachers who are assigned to far flung places to teach English language should not be shocked or dishearten at this realization.  Nor should they blame the kids and make maligning comparative statements after referring to some city dweller kids, “In Thimphu a class six would be able to speak English fluently but look at you all-you are fit to be sitting in class two.”   Such statement is a sign of ignorance although it might be poured out of sheer frustration and dissapointment…
 Blaming your kids would be simply childish and definitely,  kids would be psychologically affected. And many would develop that so called, “Inferiority complex.” Perhaps teachers should never compare. So, now, the question is how to go about with teaching English language with kids who unfortunately manifest shaky English language foundation.
 First, as teacher we needs to understand their English setting which determines their English mood.  In villages kids never speak in English at home as their parents have never been to school.  Thus, there is no direct or indirect stimulating factor to arouse kid’s interest to learn English. This led to have poor taste for English radio programme which is at least accessible to them.  Again, they hardly read English written books at home-there is no flashy and eye-catching comics and magazines around-buying these books are never their priority; sadly, their life circles around helping their parents-doing petty physical house hold chores and at times strenuous manual work in the fields.  Therefore, setting in which the kid is living has no motivating agents to inspire the kids to learn English.
Whom shall we blame for not being able to create an atmosphere where kids can learn English?  Well, here is the scene where teacher can step in and play his role to make our kids realize how they can keep themselves in good shape pertaining to learning English language.   
To kids no matter what you say-if we are not exemplary then it’s futile.  Kids look up to us and if we are admiring role model and share your experiences of tackling how to win over learning English-it helps.  “I have the book called, “Coming Home” would you like to read.”  Sharing your poems and articles-at times writing together.
Sharing your bitter English learning experiences and telling how you have mended over the years with passionate narration helps to connect their own flaws and helps to realize that there are people like them who shares the same sentiments over learning English. Thus, changing their depressing attitude  towards learning English.
Moreover, creating a classroom situation where kids are stimulated to participated in speaking through brainstorming trickery, role play, presentation, comic writing, drawing and writing captions, listening to lyric songs, making them to watch good English movies … using electronic gadgets like cell phones and laptops (projector) can bring freshness to learning English.  Websites like teachertube and youtube has got rich English learning materials which are audio visual oriented-it helps. 
Practice! Kids need ample speaking, reading, writing and listening practices.  Teaching English goes beyond classrooms and school campus.  It is continuous learning process-I tell my kids-you can learn English even in a toilet when you are shitting-the point is-never stop learning-it’s a gradual process and needs discipline and one day it will pop out elegantly. No matter what activity you execute-these activities should have room for them to practice.
I may not be wrong on this! We need genuine concern for helping the kids-then- innovation will follow-you will look beyond school teaching English manuals and text book but above all we need patience and perseverance-positive approach and lots of self motivation to teach English language in remote schools.


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Media Education in school is a pressing need…
Are our kids media literate?  Have we ever advocated our kids about internet etiquette? Do our kids have any idea about the mechanism of how some multi-media organization  and paper media offices work?  Today, our kids are exposed to various magazines, news papers, television programmes and to internet?  Therefore it is definite that they are exposed to various audio-visual information hardly realizing that these aired information can be commercially motivated-some with bias propaganda and some with chauvinistic drive. Every concerned parents and educationists should realize the immediacy of advocating kids especially upon the digital media. Today, parents cannot afford to be complacent and shift this delicate task to our teachers and play safe-in fact it’s a joint responsibilities.

In a school setting, teacher can advocate and make our kids aware of how to approach and how to react to various technological gadgets- and the information that they derived with use of such hi-tech gadgets. While at home parents can be exemplary and monitor how they respond to such gadgets and the information that they accumulated through it.  As a matter fact, educating our kids to handle multimedia with right approach is the key.

Today, modern media is aggressive-fast and tingling.  In the pretext of sustenance, at times various vulgar images and tapes are flashed to earn money.  Moreover, business orientated ads thinks in terms of profit and can go to any extent to falsify information and annoyingly play foul with the language. Let’s accept it, their intent is more to profit than product.  However, it would be naïve to blame the media-perhaps it is our complacency and ignorance that is more to blame.

The video violence through some Play station and computer games, television, movies are rampant.  At times, exhibition of pornography and vulgarism in digital gaming world is too extreme for psychological growth of our kids.  Moreover, sexism, stereotypical showcase of products and some ads are too impractical to comprehend yet viewers are easily mesmerized to it.

Can anyone really increase their heights with xyz product?  It is pretty amazing to believe that there are some products which can help to pop out our muscles without exercise?  Would you like to use perfume that makes girls run after you?  A fake dentist telling us to use his choice of product is too cheap to watch?   There is nothing wrong in watching such amazing creativity but how you respond to it after watching is critical.

Friends, we really need to enlighten our kids to handle handsomely when it comes to media information. Let’s make them media literate otherwise unpleasant rumours and subjective opinion can lead to a society that can be extremely communal and  poorly educated citizen pertaining handling media and its mechanism.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Night

Shhhhhh Silence! Please!
Heels up and on toes
The night whispered up to the jingle- jangle stars
Then seizing his soiled shoes he sneaked into the sleepy darkness
Like an unsettle thief eyeing only for his price.
The old boring yellow moon raised his grey brows and asked,
“Hmmm, I can see you!
Daring to do away with your duty huh?”
Gasping and scowling the night replied,
“Gone! I am gone! I yearn for freedom!
Over the hushed hills and cold canyons
He rode his horse-flip flop! Flip flop!
And the wind came yapping and whining like a lost puppy,
“You can’t leave me behind-I am all yours,
This wood-the smell of our home,
Songs of our birds and your favourite-roasted corn of the early summer,
Your books and your pipe-won’t you miss them?
My love! My Love! Come home-Stay!.”
Poor wind! Her diamond like tears tickling down,
She was rustling through the dead oaks.
“I wish I could.” The night trembled
Good bye! Love! ”
The sea was calling him as death waited with oars on his hand,
Down he plunged deep into the gargling sea
Never to be seen again.

Friday, 11 July 2014

In the name of SUPW
SUPW can never be fun if you can’t really comprehend its concept and its mechanism in the first place. Let’s accept this! There are sizable numbers of people who are unable to foresee its essence.   And mind you!  The projection of SUPW was poorly handled-poorly advertised then.  Thus, people were bound to cramp it down to so called manual work that we do in the form of grass cutting, fencing, cleaning school campus-so on and so forth.  Therefore,   as an entity of school organization-teachers like us have tremendous responsibility to steer them towards understanding the concept of SUPW.  And ofcourse, educated parents probing their kids towards understanding the essence of SUPW can be a plus point for the school as well as to the student.

Personally speaking-when I was student my understanding of SUPW in school was more of community services and school campus beautification- and bit of occasional cleaning here and there.   There was no mass awareness-educative campaign pertaining to SUPW.   Perhaps, many of my friends would too share the same sentiments about SUPW. However, the spirit of SUPW was upheld in the school gardens, uprooting marijuana around, grass cutting-cleaning lhakhangs etc.

During those days I did my SUPW not because I was motivated to embrace and respect the idea of blue collar job nor was I made to feel that sense of belongingness of one’s environment.  Partially-yes there was this instinctive feeling of rendering yourself for social cause.  Rather my notion of doing SUPW was largely motivated by grades-like-for getting “A” grade.   As long as I was ensured by my teachers about the grade, I wouldn’t mind doing any manual work.  But, if the teacher was simply assigning a task without the promise of awarding grade(Marks) then there would be a sudden change of mood towards the work.  I felt like as if I was imposed.  Thus, that sense of betrayal was felt and I would feel that I have wasted my time, energy-and the work was done for free (This realization was wrong!).  The whole idea of SUPW looked like a business-make me work but give something in return. I will work if you give-that kind of belief grew strong and gradually the values like being selfless –sense of belongingness-volunteerism-collective responsibility to help-and the word, “Volunteerism” had to be with some benefits towards volunteers.   Therefore, at times what we have intended-our cause with certain noble initiatives can simply turn otherwise.

We have core human values which SPUW can never equate-but yes-it can further strengthen. in fact SUPW  is suppose be a stimulating factor for sustaining human values.  And we have to understand that SUPW goes beyond those manual works which kids do in the schools.  Exciting-School club activities and assignments-outdoor simple survey catering to their passion-hobbies can give the real meaning to SUPW. Intriguingly, monitoring kids’ activities during break by recording their services is timely and thoughtful.

 But, sadly, SUPW is imagined as a bait to make kids do social services and it is becoming quite a challenge to make them appreciate the idea of having SUPW in the school arena.

Perhaps sitting together and finding a certain common definition, its characteristics and its mechanism-essence can help.  Simply limiting SUPW to gardening, maintenance of furniture in the name promoting vocational skills and some other  physical activities without making kids intellectually aware of why they are made to do SUPW can be futile for the kids in the future.  

SUPW is here to stay and lets all stop for while and brood over it...

Thursday, 3 July 2014

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”  Albert Einstein

High level of creativity is a reflection of high level of visualization-of that particular kid.  Knowledge can programmed into our kids but imagination cannot-unless parents and educators create a learning setting which will make them to invoke their mind to higher level of questioning-higher level of discussion within active groups and of course providing them a space to experiment. 

A learning process that demands exploration-discovery and strong reasoning helps kids to achieve high level of realization at end of task.  Such activities can drive them to visualize-and when their visualization is materialized-it is creativity-it is pure imagination! 

An imaginative kid is more likely to succeed and led an interesting(meaninful) life than kid who always runs for facts and figures.  A kid that is imaginative is generally characterized by keen sense of maturity in terms of creativity and critical thinking.  Rigorous curiosity and eagerness to learn new things is overwhelming. These kids are thinkers-planners-highly aware and realized in their respective fields.  He is an insatiable explorer  of his mind who firmly believes in his power of imagination.

Whereas the kid who is more glued to framed information is likely be to be stagnant –rigid in terms of originality and will be too bookish in nature.  Moreover in life, he/she will be docile to their bosses and to their company.  If he becomes a boss, he will be one-sided- shamelessly and animatedly pushing his views to be the reckoned as a universal truth by his subordinates.  As a boss, he will create more panic-indecisiveness  will be apparent and weaken his managerial profile through constant threatening and ofcourse shying away when problems arises. Their speeches, interviews and presentation will boring. If they are panelist-judge-it will be stereotypical-demanding nothing more than facts and figures.  His/her understanding of the world will be within his home to his office. And their presentation of life would of complete obedience to their environment knowing that there is more for amendments-room for innovation.  These kids in life would never learn the true meaning of freedom. Limiting his rights-limiting his mind he won’t even realize that he had killed his power of imagination!

Imagination leads to creativity and creativity leads to success (Success may not necessarily refer to high post in govt. / some corporate companies-here success means being able to realize your imagination and deriving satisfaction from it-its freedom.)

 Blindly bombarding the kids with bookish information and shaping accordingly to your thoughts and beliefs is a deadly way of killing a child’s imagination.  As parent-as an educator, lets create more thinkers than robots-because robots never ask why two plus two equals to five-instead, annoyingly, they keep on repeating-two plus two equals five...   

Friday, 27 June 2014

Name-calling kills
Name calling can be fun as long as it not happening to you.  Name calling can be far venomous than spanking-at times.  But again, spanking has propensity to name calling.  Thus spanking can never rule out name calling.

 Spanking is dinosaurs-buried into the dust. Sometimes I wonder whether people who casually pile on to someone has any idea that while name calling, they might be causing permanent indentation with regard to their self esteem-with regard to their way of life.   

I may be wrong but my feeling is that among our part of the world name calling is being taken lightly especially by those who are fond of it.  Perhaps our social mindset is such that we tend to enjoy and appreciate those people who resort to name calling; in fact these people are reckoned as witty and smart among their circle. 

Here, I am not talking about those provocative political slanders and blame game nor am I talking about those pet names we Bhutanese have-nor those playful comments that we pass on while playing khuru or archery... 

Name calling which I am talking about is mostly associated with somebody’s physical looks-with somebody's intelligence –with somebody's caste and creed and that too-you do it before a huge crowd.  And such persistent name calling is indeed a sign of intrusion in somebody’s life-it's a sign of dominance-At times, it's sign of communalism.

Name calling is not strict advising-it is not even scolding-not teasing-not some laughter comedy show where people hold their belly and laugh to death at somebody’s mockery.

It’s such a damn cheap act. Let us stop it when someone says, “It’s enough-please!”

People who are victimized by such act are dead man.  Just imagine his psychological health- when he/she is mentally disturbed what can we expect from him.  If he is student-then school is a hell-he will withdraw from the crowd-poor performance in academics and timid participation in co-curricular activities-prone to drugs and suicide.  

Kids today are emotionally sensitive and emotionally weak too-what you might have causally remarked might just turn out to be a pathetic name-calling. 

Friday, 20 June 2014

School Examination and Its Intelligence
I still wonder whether an intelligence of kid can be judge within that design of three hour; perhaps the larger question is-what is intelligence in the first place? Especially in school arena-how do we define intelligence of a child?  If the parameters are narrowed to those prescribed text books and to some Physical and health education (co-curricular activities) to define intelligence then-are we going in direct direction?  What could be the generally accepted parameters to see a child’s intelligence? Exam? However, the general notion is that anyone who excels in his academic examination is believed to be an intelligent kid as he/she meets all the book oriented expectation laid by concern stakeholders.  Is the existing mode of assessing a kid’s intelligence is only means?  Justifying whether the kid is intelligent or not within three hours examination seems bizarre and unfair at times.
Let’s not get technical and jump into some theories to define intelligence-I feel that somewhere we are leaving that void unfilled while moderating a kid’s intelligence because human’s intelligence is way beyond man’s comprehension.  People use the lens of cognitive, psycho-motor and affective criterion and that too narrowed down to academic aspects.   Sadly, we have a setting where kid has to go through two to three rigorous hours  of writing if he/she wants to prove his/her intelligence-and let’s not discuss about the stress and anxiety it brings to them. 
I have kid in my class-he is quite a tarzan in almost all the subjects that he learns-any wise man can be swift to judge him as not being  intelligent but  when he strums the guitar, his exhibition of playing guitar will blow your mind away-the way he has honed his skills of playing guitar display quite a intelligence.  Therefore, I firmly believe-intelligence can never be confined to one particular discipline. 
Kids need a right platform to hone their intelligence in their choice of discipline ranging from sports, art, music…  simply branding a kid  “Stupid” on basis of academic performance can be naïve and ignorant on our part. Kids need motivation only in their field of choice where they can polish their physical and mental skills. 
People say that it’s our lack of generating motivation in learners to do well in their studies.  I tell you-can you make a lion to eat grass out of sheer motivation? Lets us not impose and enforce rather lets loosen them to exhibit their intelligence through their choice of discipline from young age.  A kid who loves to sing knows that if he pursues his dreams-he is bound to struggle because there is no assurance in such field-moreover, the social belief is such that we have to study to get government.  By the time when he reaches his middle school-all his love for singing will be gone as he prepares for his inevitable disaster. Identifying potentiality apart from academic and providing a platform from young age to realize his wishful dream is duty of all people around that particular kid. 
It is indeed sad to see kid enduring the physical and psychological brunt and of course societal pressure in the name of examination.
As a parent, I would not be much disturbed even if my son is not able to do well in his academics as long as he has doing something meaningful in other arenas away from academic culture.  Exam is opportunity for Mr. A & B but for Mr. C & D, it is a nightmare.   Perhaps-intelligence can never be judge through examination…

Monday, 16 June 2014

There is this road…
There is this road,
                                Telling me to come and trade on.                             
“Come with me! I will lead to place-
A place where there is no heaven and hell,
A place where there is no religion- but love!
A place where there is no sword and shield,
A place where there is no judgment,
A place where there is acceptance of opinion
A place where there is dream and hope,
A place where there is perseverance and purpose,
 A place where there is appreciation and admiration,
A place where there is belief and endurance,
 A place where there is laughter and cry,
A place where there is music and dance,
A place where there is poetry and song,
A place where souls listen to your calls,
A place where souls don’t wear masks,
A place where there is no double standard,
A place where there is learning and growth,
A place where there is wisdom and ideas,
A place where souls are free birds-”
There is this road…

Monday, 9 June 2014

You are a FIGHTER!

Dreams lead to hope-hope leads to belief and belief leads to perseverance-and perseverance leads to (not necessarily to success) but to realization-realization that you are a FIGHTER.     You stood an eye to eye against this fighter, this so called indomitable life. I can still remember…

You have not been a champion, you have not been a leader, you have not been a hero-but one thing I know, you have been one heck of fighter-a fighter who gets up every time when life spatters you down- hard.

 I can still remember… “Give me more! That’s what you got huh?”  Crippled but still you have the guts-you hobble over and over again to stand- to look straight in his eyes.  In sheer frustration, life kicks you harder-and you stumble down-again to get back-up with a smirk on your face-“More! More!”  You look in his eyes.

“Rat! You rat! I can finish you off just like that! You better dance when I tell you to-you are one cheap slave-so do as I say…”  life tells that you are a rat-and there you are bendy-limping but still standing tall before him. “Should I throw you depression-disappointments-loneliness-confusion-diseases-and death -do you want me to inflict all these upon you? Do you want me to crush you huh?” 

“Ha! Ha! Ha...” You simply keep on laughing-your eyes still fixed at him.

  Life’s patience runs thin and he walks to you, grabs you by your collar and gives you a frantic shake-then sighing with irritation, he whispers, “You are a loser! I pity upon you!  Now admit your defeat.” 
You try to pull off his hard hands-he tightens-constricts harder as you shake frantically to free yourself. You are still limping but still standing.

I can see-you get on his nerves, now with his Ging Tsholing like face; he grabs you close to his ugly face and yells, “Look at you-you have nothing!  Give-up boy! You will never make it through! -Understand?”  Then, shuddering his big black nose in utter anger, he looks in my eyes and yells again, “You are a loser! Loser!” Those flashy fangs go up and down.

Then you pushed him hard-so hard that he almost falls backward but he has his grip around your neck.  He tightens his grip from behind and hisses close to your ears again, “Huh! Now move and you are dead!”

I still ponder today- but -If success was to be measured with realization, many would falter but not you my friend-definitely not you…because you are indeed a fighter!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Ghost Wind

I saw the mud mopped road to dark sleepy woods

Amid the giggling air-I saw this ghostly wind winding wildly with the willows

Beneath his heavy boots-crunching of oak leaves echoed pain

Whistling devilishly at every snoring trees

He started snarling-gnawing like mad bull dog

Then ripping! Slashing!

His cold blooded fangs run deep into the blood

Puffing pain and poison-All looked tattered

Cold! Cold! The souls fell one by one

Then turning his ferocious face at me

He opened his red blood stained arms

“Come here!” he hollowed deep

His blood dripping fingers calling me
Standing still I was scared to step
Trembling I begged, “Mercy! Mercy! I am yours-please!”
Clasping his red hands behind his back
He turned far deep into the woods laughing-
“I don’t kill a dead man!”

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Spare the Rod and Smarten the Child Buddy!
 Patience! Hope! - is what you have to hold on it. A wise man without patience will raise his eyebrows-frowning all over-he will act as if he has got ants in the pants and desperately look for another wise like him and then together they will move mountains and earth to prove that people like me are naïve and  aloof from ground reality.  But one thing is damn sure-we have differences…

Have you heard about EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION?  This stuff works magic with kids.   Today’s kids are mentally delicate because of various pressures from all the sides. There is pressure from teachers and parents-kids are constantly reminded that they need to imbibe swiftly and deliver swiftly when demanded in the exam or in the job market. “We deprive ourselves to make you go to school-always be aware that we bear all this pain for you-our sacrifices should never go in vain-you are our hope!”

“World is cruel-it is all about the survival of the fittest-you got to be the best-the fastest-the smartest…you have to be the winners” naturally stress gets good of our kids and lets accept it-they are treated like a programmed robots.

Even in their circle-they think they have to prove-they feel that they are always being judge by their comrades around. At teen-they crave for attention-at the back their head they keep on saying, “I got to prove!”  In the course of proving the world what he is-he drags on and on-inviting more confusing and frustration. Conformist environment kills his self belief and dreams.  Thus, his self-esteem goes down to the drain.

Forget about my personal feeling about being teenager-I have spent almost five years with the middle secondary going students-goodness-their(Many) self-esteem is too lane and lanky. They are too protective about their self-image. Thus, you too might have come across- today’s teenagers are emotionally sensitive-even more sensitive towards those events or situation which are apparent to damage their self-esteem; you scold-some will take to their heart all the time-some will exhibit their raw attitude.  we have to think million times when you are using-Name-and shame strategy- it can psychologically kill a child-and mind you-a dead kid inside is a dead kid outside-suicide is triggered when we damage their self-esteem…instilling fear and taming can be seen by kids as stabilizing your dominance over them…your good intention can be always misread…don't compare your upbringing scenario and push it to today's kids...rather than sticking to old hard rule-why not innovative and move forward with style and elegance 

Despite of all this speculation, kids yearn for emotional support-they seek inspiration deep inside.  They want us to understand them-this is where extrinsic motivation comes to the scene. Positive probing-positive reinforcement boosts their confidence and gradually they learn to open-up. We need to cater to their psychological needs and this extrinsic motivation gradually radiates all other positive attitudes in them. Self belief can be restored…

Folks! Again I’m saying-Patience! Perseverance! And hope…lets inspire and mould our kids with goodness-providing a space for them to buddy! Better spare the rod and smarten the child...


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Conformity kills an individual

You know you are well knitted around-they have clipped you and caged you according to their tune.  They are sure that you are yet another doll who would look awesome in their daily puppetry show. Inter-dependency keeps on ringing at back of your head-that makes you docile.  You are confused-but more scared that you might end up hurting your commune.  Controversy, criticism and fear of being targeted by mass leaves you no choice but to dance when they dance-cry when they cry. If they say “yellow” you got to say “yellow”- or else…

 “Sentiments of mass is always right-and you-you are just one wrong man!”  Groups look intimidating, so you are bound to be dummy.  Moreover, who likes hullabaloo around- that too against your own elite group. All you can do is suffocate yourself within-and you yell inside in sheer frustration, “Let me fly-I have my dreams!”

Staging an aggressive stereotypical setting-duplication of self becomes customary- persuaded by mass-they stamp you to death little by little.  You are growing but according to their standpoint. They frantically assure you that you know no good for yourself and they are here to shape you. 

Don’t you think you are here to design yourself according to your beliefs and attitude? You go around- first explore and then- you resolve down to give yourself a shape.  Yes, you are inter-reliant but you are not certainly just the same as others-you are different; you fellow but you may not copy. Your beliefs-your dreams are your greatest strength-once you doubt your beliefs and your dreams-you are dead.

Conformity is not a comfort but a curse…

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I Hate Buddha

All I know about him is that he was no good father-no good son-no good husband. Goodness me! Can you believe it-this guy renounce kingship-I mean the best comfort which every people yearns for.   Must have lost his mind-otherwise who on this earth will throw away his rich family wealth and power-and that too when you are sound-27 bloody years old-who would? I am damn sure you won’t disagree-Beautiful princess, lovely son and heir to golden throne comes not to all-any people would envy him; but here we find this guy who sneak out into the wilderness relinquishing what every soul on earth lives for.

I heard a lot about him; he talks about suffering-nirvana-karma. Do you think I really care about it…sorry to say this but I find Kurt Cobain’s nirvana sexier than Buddha’s Nirvana.  And who the hell is this Karma? There are so many Karmas here-I hope he is not talking about my friend whose name is Karma Dorji.  And suffering-it’s just a pain in the ass-we got to deal with it-like it or not.  Perhaps money can rub off suffering-better run after money.

Must be really mad-I have to smirk here-how can you go around holding a bowl begging for food when you were destined to be a king. Ask any man on this world-they will definitely choose king over beggar-after all who wants to starve to death.  Be honest when I ask you-lets say you are given a choice either to become a yogi or to become a common man-which one would you like to go for? If you are saying "yogi" then I hope you must have thought millions times before uttering the word, “Yogi.”

Know what!  I have to see Buddha once-and there I will tell him all that I am telling you.  Right before his face I will yell , “BUDDHA I HATE YOU!”  Why shouldn't I say this-he is all crap!

Then I saw him…
courtesy: Google  
He was just there-I felt as if he was always meant to be there.  Emanating-easing-he looked so effortless.  I admit it was indeed mind boggling moment for me but I recollected myself- many times and kept reminding myself, “Hey you! Are not going to say you hate Buddha-step forward buddy you are very close now!”

Heavy! Can’t explain-my steps were getting gentle as I walked forward-I don’t know why eyes got fixed at him.  And my heart-had nothing-my mind-was all glass-empty.  It was so easy to be there-his eyes were gently closed and in lotus posture I saw him.  Can you believe it-a man who came to yell at Buddha was found supplicating before him-his teary eyes-his clasped hands rested on his chest and his lips quivering could only manage to whine like a lost puppy, “Lord! I hate you!  Lord I hate! You have been so kind! so kind!" Your voice breaks buddy-so does your heart.


Friday, 25 April 2014

If you only look at this sputum…

As I was twinkling my gigantic pair of black rounded eyes at this luminous, goldish in color sputum, I was reminded of my own squelchy sputum which was probably snoring at the deepest corner of my foul reddish respiratory tract. The absolute freshness, greasy and calm mesmerizing sputum was hard to be ignored. The Worm-like stuff was heartlessly spattered against the whitish wall that read, “Do not litter here.” This blonde like sputum was staring at me as I happen to lay my jumpy quivering eyes at it.

 As I kept on piercing my dark marble like eyeball at this unsung piece of man’s creation, there was something more in it; her artistry display was too hypnotizing. Yellow like a yoke of an oval crimson local egg-she was screening. As she was meandering sluggishly like a snail, she began to pose S-like-naked formation with a perfect bulge at both the edges. Her, wetly exhibition with the aroma of lemon like scent could have made anyone grow wild like those patched hyenas of Africa.

Further, I saw the presence of those reddish networks of nerves like sticky stuff at the centre of her which ran from the bottom edge of her towards the upper edge; and that reddish sticky thing glowed to give her a sexy touch.  “Wow! What a sexy sputum, I wonder who had given birth to it and left her all alone!” I reflected to myself.

Then, as she was stretching herself-too much; she began to break lump by lump down into the dry dust below.  She was falling down-hard; those lustful dusts couldn’t ignore her eroticism-they were puffing out toxic smoke. She choked-breathe hard but those dusts kept on piercing through her virgin body and engulfed her, never to be seen again.    

Earth Day
courtesy: Google-Wikipedia 
On 22nd April, we all stopped for while-shook our self hard- only to realize that we have indeed gone far-far from our mother earth.  The day reminded us shamefully that we have given nothing but had always taken almost everything from her.  Amid our selfishness, we have always overlooked our mother earth's needs. The day brought us down to earth-we were guilty that we were flying high.   

There were some concerned teachers in Mendrelgang MSS who understood the desperate call of our mother earth-they became restless-they wanted to respond to her call. Mrs. Namgay Dem, Mrs. Choki of and Mrs. Kezang and Mrs. Pem Choden of Nature club spearheaded the idea to mark the day in style-they wanted to organize class competition where each class was asked to rack their brains to make something out waste-especially pet bottles-plastics and papers.

The day was marked with speeches-models out of waste-educational audio-visual clips and message oriented songs and dances.  Judges arrived from primary school next door-indeed it was bustling day-day that brought us back to our mother earth. 

Organizers thank you for enlightening us from our slumber- sleep of selfishness-thank you for helping us to whisper: “MOTHER EARTH WE ARE SORRY. WE STILL LOVE YOU!” 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Resurrection of poetry
Poetry is an art of romanticism; you don’t just read it -you got to feel it!  On 19th April, 2014 our school-Mendrelgang Middle Secondary school went off the pages cruising up on to the stage to recite our favourite poems.  Hats off to Mrs. Dorji Wangmo, Mrs. Pem Zam and Mr. Samten Dhendup(Literary Club). Their idea to organize the Poetry recitation was timely. We could indeed see the revivalism of poetry in a true sense.

In school setting, Poetry as a literary genre is not that appeasing to kids compared other genres.  Kids often complain about that unseen element in our English literature exam-where an unseen poem is given.  “Sir it’s harsh upon us that we have to deal with a strange poem in the exam.”  This is an issue which needs to dealt sensible rather then quickly jumping into some kind of harsh conclusion.  But one thing is sure-it is the “unseen elements” that gets into their head which rattles their confidence otherwise poetry is like any other genre.  I believe it is more of restoring their confidence…

Nevertheless, in our school kids and teachers got together-interestingly science teachers, economics and mathematics teachers particularly seize the moment to share their love for poetry by helping their respective classes.    We could see poetry bringing teachers and students close to each other-I mean the intensity of interaction-interaction of emotions through poetry was tremendous. 

Saturday, in Mendrelgang MSS- poetry as an art came alive-background music- colourful costumes-characters –children enjoying recitation-indeed it was poetry in motion.  This thoughtful events powered by creative teachers and students really touched all the observers.  Such celebration of poetry will be hard to forget-once again hats off to all the students and the teachers.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

I love death…
As you go on with your life-you hear death at one stage of your life-and then you instantly run deep into death and began to ask. “What the hell is this-man?” I get to fix this out!”  And amid your bustling life you corner out some time to figure out death because-deep inside you know very well- that you can’t go on and on playing easy upon it.    “At one stage I have to stare eye to eye with it-I must be prepared!” That’s what you keep on reminding yourself every now and then feeling bit scared about it.

Then-your vodka-bloody punch-perhaps your favorite tequila shots gets into you; you yell your heart out like passionate wolf-“Death catch me if you can-I know you are jealous because I am flying right?  Come on! Come on! You are jealous right?”  Things get pretty mixed up for while-and you don’t even want to hear death.  You want to calm yourself saying that you have lot better things to do in life than simply brooding about death.  “I have a sexy girlfriend to handle-serious job to impress and loads of cigarette to puff out! Death-you’re a misfit in my life-I don’t care about you anymore!”  At this stage you have simply lost the plot! Confusing at times leads to ignorance and that’s what is happening with you.  A fake bliss swirls around you and you act like a heart broken lover-trying to forget everything knowingly you can’t.
Then-then-you feel the vibes-I mean the positive vibes.  Like those starving hyenas in the Animal Planet-you look for a book that reads about positivism-perhaps throw a surprising party to friends or roll your sleeves for some community services or hit the theater for some comedy masala.  You’re doing this to keep yourself aloof from death-you know this very well…

After few days-months or after few years-death will certainly pass by you-perhaps through illness-a fatal accident to your friend-or  let’s say you switch on to CNN and suddenly a very animated reporter sparks you with the images of civilian being bombed-blood-bodies everywhere- then-then you see the death again which you have been avoiding for so many years. 

At that moment a distressing kind of feelings- gushes up-you feel sad.  You feel like kicking yourself for your naivety and then secretly-finally you learn to embrace death-“I was naive that I ignored you-now not any more. I am sorry-very very sorry!  It is you who made me value life-If you weren't there I wouldn't have learned to appreciate my life!” You simply can stop crying...

“I love you death! I love you!”

Friday, 18 April 2014

I always knew that bird was not free...

Scared! Do you understand when I say-scared!

I was damn-bloody scared! But not anymore.

Let my lungs burst to death,

Let my body be crushed,

Let the blood ooze out,

I am not weak anymore.

I stand before you-

You may play deaf-dump-or blind

I don’t care anymore.

You may argue-fight

But today I stand-I stand strong to say:

“Brother you were wrong!

Birds were never free-never!

And I always knew that-I was just too scared!

Not anymore! Understand? Not anymore!”