Sunday, 24 May 2015

Graphic novel is the call
Why should we be astonished to see a young boy who hardly reads is glued to a book that has picture and story together in it?  Graphic novel can overwhelm kids especially those who finds words filled novel excruciatingly painful to read.  Considering our reading culture, we should not be too cynical and jeer at if graphic novels are encouraged to our kids.  Graphic novel can be instant hit in promoting reading habits of our youth.
A book with flashy images of high flying heroes and ghostly looking villains-monsters and muscled warriors, sexy princess and colorful clowns in every flipping pages can makes reading too savory.  It is arguably true that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Imagine, marriage of images and words naturally fitting the missing puzzle of our long quest for healthy reading culture.  Kids tend to relish comics and image laden magazines over wordy novels because it is tempting-evokes instant curiosity and makes reading direct-effortless hardly confusing them.   Therefore, graphic novels flooding in should not be seen as cheapening move rather a move with an intention to cater to a section of kids who still shy away from reading. 
 Graphic novels can serve as fresh and alternative choice of reading to our kids; a child who hardly reads can easily deal with assigned book reviews and book talks.  Images there-will help them in retention of series of incidents and characters; ultimately end up fattening their comprehension level.  Moreover, such books have that ticklish characteristic which would summon the reader again.  
Imposing kids to read can be frustrating for both the parties-reader nor can imposing man smile at each other. So, how about going win-win status for both with graphic novels. First, that willingness has to get into the head of the kid to read and introduction of graphic novels can be timely rather than ringing his ears with lethargic lectures of why he needs to read. Enthusiasm is synonymous to graphic novel in our journey towards reading.