Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Parenting (Teaching) kids Through Positive Discipline

Nowadays, it would be too costly for teachers (Parents) to be skeptic about positive discipline.  Bragging about noble intention behind using force is seen as going against the fundamental rights of the child. Seriously speaking, no matter what your intent may be -it is all secondary if you throw your hands at your kids-that’s the bottom-line-fact! Fact! Fact!

Now, let us not touch on the subject whether corporal punishment should be banned or not-such issue has vigorous tendency to ignite more confusion to a simple layman and-agitation and intolerance between the two schools of thought.  Discussing about which party is right and which party isn’t-  looks futile at the moment.  

But, one thing is definite-Corporal Punishment was never formally introduced in our school system.  I believe by the year 2008 in 11th Annual Education Conference, ban on corporal punishment in schools was finally done and dusted and moreover guidance on school discipline was framed in 2011 to further enhance child friendly school.
Therefore, out of sheer frustration, we cannot simply play deaf, dumb and blind towards corporal punishment and take it with the pinch of salt-it would be a wrong approach towards positive discipline.  It is not a compulsion; it is way of life-if you really look in.   Otherwise, double standard will sneak in our Bhutanese society pertaining to it. First, let’s change our mindset-be more positive about the concept of positive discipline and sincerely give serious thought about following it. 
Positive discipline is firmly a long term process therefore our temperament towards it has to be with an absolute patience and also needs to keep in mind that all the apples may not  be of same size with same colour and taste. As long as we have made up our mind to sail in through with it, our attitude-our body language-even our talks needs to pop out positive vibes around. The teachers and parents themselves need to be the institution that’s reflects positivity in life to move forward with positive discipline-otherwise it’s all mockery of such noble path.   
Instantly, jumping into conclusion and saying it doesn’t work can be too ignorant and too harsh. Or simply encountering few dozen miscreants getting on to our nerve shouldn’t make us cynic-then-positive discipline will never find a firm footing in our parenting arena (Home and School).  We need to forget the idea of controlling-or instilling fear to mould our kids-rather we should be hitting hard on how to inspire and motivate them to avoid such misbehavior from their part.  Moreover, we need to be more open-more reaching towards our kids to understand why such offences come from them in the first place.
As long as we are patient-positive and focused-not deterred by few rotten apples-positive discipline will work magic because ultimately it is love that wins over all odds.