Tuesday, 12 April 2016

He got a smile...

Sometimes life springs right in front of you and he hollers at you, “Boy, got you this time!”   
Startle-you gasp unable to believe that life can be so overwhelming at times.  
What he does-he rolls his sleeve and neatly pulls out one of his favourite monster from his closet and drops right before your nose. Then, twinkling a shifty smile he circles you and muffles, “What you gonna do now-this bad uncle monster is going to eat you up!”

Amid his mocking smile and laughter-your good instinct-can only tell you to turn your back and run hard down the lane. But before you could do that-much to your annoyance, he swiftly pulls out another terrifying monster behind your back.

Then, putting a cheeky smile, “Well, my boy-this is what we call a Mickey Mouse right between the monster and the deep blue sea. The choice is all yours.”
The two monsters sharpen their blood thirsty eyes and gritted their fangs to go all over you.  Indeed a bad-bad monster.

“Supplicate before them, beg for mercy-and   give them your smile, you will go safe-or else-” His thunderous laughter made him speak no further. 

As you were standing there, your head started playing all sorts of games with you; he tells you to unbuckle your revolver and hit them clean-Bang! Bang! Bang! Then, again your head, tells you to beg for mercy and give him what he demands.

But one thing that you know is you are way beyond guns and way beyond monsters.  Your helpless moments will never change you for what you believe in and what you yearn for-your heart-your indomitable will to be a real man will live on and your smile will never be treaded to those who demands-your faiths stands tall.

Yes, you are small, yes, you are scared-but deep inside you know that no monster can trample the heart of the man.

No matter what- you have decided to stand firmly on your feet. You simply won’t allow life to dictate terms and conditions for your survival.
Life was looking at you and waiting for the response. Rustling his bone dry palms, “Yes, your smile and we all go happy from here. ”

You stood there saying not a word.

“I am asking for the last time-are you not gonna fall on to your knees and hand them your smile?”  His roaring voice meant clear annoyance. “I tell my monsters and you-you will be split into two. That’s what you want huh?”

You are definite to stand and you just stood there-strongly.

“On your knees-Damn it!” life went wild. 
“Fall-you pathetic being-or else you die!”

There was a sudden jerk at first-then it was followed by a hard crashing sound and everything went cold.Then you knew you were being spattered hard on the ground. You could barely stand-you were wobbling, your eyes were bruised and tattered.  Badly shaken but still you manage to stand right into his face. Blood dripped and soiled your face-all red!

“On your knee-you damned meat-or else you die!”

You were still wobbling, straining your bruised and blood stained eyes you ran straight at him, and you flashed across a smile and whispered:


He struck you hard and you dusted deep into the dirt. Instantly your body went still and finally the only twinkling lights you had in your eyes too gave in. 

But I can still recollect your smile-my goodness! How can you have that perfect smile-awesome man! I wish everyone could have smile like yours…