Sunday, 5 November 2017

Introduction of an essay

Writing isn't boon from the god, it is more of honing skills associated with writing. Get the technique right, and keep practising: skills do require serious practice  and little prayers. Moreover,  reading and listening is strongly advised as it is closely linked with good writing. Growth of our writing is so subtle that it is very difficult to  pinpoint exactly from which day we have improved our writing. However, you must know that writing is progressive and requires constant practice to keep the momentum going.

Now, let's look at the basic component of introduction of the essay which given below:

Your introduction should include a hook, background information and your thesis statement. You can employ any style of hook depending upon your taste. After the hook make sure that you have the background information where you clearly explain about the topic. Finally, your introduction should wrap up with the thesis statement. These three are the basic requirement to write an introduction.

Keep practising-Good luck!!!

Monday, 30 October 2017

Four Square Writing Method to write a thesis statement

Four Square Writing Method

This is the Four Square writing Method and it was developed by Judith S. Gould  and Evan Jay Gould. Normally it is used for primary kids but we also used it in junior and middle schools. Today, let us learn how to construct a thesis statement using this writing method. As you can see that the topic is placed in the middle square and in each square, you can write your keyword and when you are done with 3 keywords-in the fourth square, you can construct your thesis statement using all the three keywords.  Now, let’s see how it is done. The topic: Importance of doing community service.

I have put all the three keywords in each square and in the fourth square I have framed a sentence using the 3 keywords. Thus, forming my thesis statement. This method can be suitable to write even your introduction and body paragraphs which I practise in primary classes. I suggest you to explore more on this method.

How to write a thesis statement?

Thesis statement is an engine of an essay that moves the information down the paragraphs in very logical order. Any student daring to write without the thesis statement will never have complete control over the content of the essay. In other words, the flow of the essay will be erratic and lack cohesiveness.
The pattern of thesis statement is mostly subjected to the demand and the nature of the essay. However, in our case, we are writing an essay that consist of 5 paragraphs and therefore, we will be designing a thesis statement that has three keywords in it.
Now, let us look at some of the examples of the thesis statement with three key words. The first one is derived from the 3 Golden Rs shared by Current Education Minister of Bhutan.       

2. An ideal student is characterized by three qualities: responsibility, respect and resilience.

3. Responsibility, respect and resilience are the three key factors that define an ideal student.

The above three thesis statements have same keywords but their pattern varies which hardly matters as long as you have three solid keywords. Moreover, if you examine closely,  the three keywords used should be either adjective or noun. 

 The bottom line is-you must ensure uniformity while you use the three keywords.
Now, let’s look at the formula for the thesis statement.

2. Simple Webbing

After webbing, choose three suitable keywords and your thesis statement should possibly look like this: Junk food is health hazardous because it causes obesity, cardiovascular disease and vitamin deficiencies.

In next session if possible, let us learn how to use Four-square method to construct a thesis statement. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Let’s talk exam...

For some kids-the intensity is never like before-especially at this hour; kids could be seen hitting the books harder than ever!   They clearly understand that much of what they have learnt will be now measured through the medium called Exams. Thus, this realization leads  them to reckon exam as some kind of strenuous activity and instantly they wear that serious expression till it’s all over.  
 Indeed there nothing wrong with the element of seriousness but the question is-to what extent should we allow our kids to be serious when it comes to exams. And during that phase, how do we come in as a teacher-as parents? How do we help them to navigate smoothly through their exams?

Yes, some of us have enticed our kids by promising that we will buy them a flashy lightening McQueen-but-only under the condition if he gets through with something handsome to show off. In a worst case scenario, some of us might be radically drilling the consequences in their head and intimidating what will happen if things turn out ugly from exams. The pressure is full on-and the target setting contract with the teacher of scoring 60% and above rings into their head.   Very categorically, some of us-we lay down our expectations and remind them to be prepared for the penalties. It is indeed a serious business here!

Amid such events, do we ever consider the factors that determine the degree of their intensity with regard to examination? Do we really think about how far we should be pushing them? Do we really-like, look into their behavior pattern-like-are they able to eat and sleep well? Are they in a right frame of mind to appear for the exams?  In fact how do you ensure sound physical and mental state at the point of time?

We know some kids break down at times, unable to cope-unable to accept the results. At that crucial moment, how do we conduct ourselves so that we signal assurances and comfort?  How do we plan the rebuilding program for the kids specially to mend their psychological status? The point here is straight; we don’t want to be the factor that triggers that humungous fear at such events of their lives nor do we want to give them an impression that they are all alone to prove to the world how good they are. Like it or lump it-exams are stressful-kids do need us! 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Sex Education and Parents

  Just because many of us-we didn’t receive any healthy sex education from our parents do not mean that we should continue that same trend. Sex education has been handled ineptly in our family circle. A sexually developing kid has very feeble idea about sex education until he gets into the school. 

Frankly speaking, many parents have this complacent attitude that the sex education their kids receive from school is more than enough for the kids and consequently tend to shy from enacting their role towards communicating sex education to their kids. 

Despite knowing the fact that sex education is beyond the learning of  human sexual anatomy and its reproductive system, still we fail to propagate the psychological, social and emotional aspect to sex education. Apart from biological sense, Sex education needs to be taught through emotional corridor and that’s where parents can jump in!

How many of us, as parents- have we really thought about when and how to begin sex education to our kids?  As parents, are we not really concerned about our growing child-will it be prudent on our part to leave this role only to our teachers and to some NGOs?  

Yes, when it comes to sex education-it is a very delicate subject which we need to illustrate with greater sense of decency to our kids. An advisory role coupled with active collaboration with other stakeholders relevant to our child can be a turning point for the  kid’s sexual well being. 

Seriously, my friend the time has come-where we need to sit together face to face with our kids-ask whether their monthly periodic cycle has any effect on their daily school activities and talk about what he/she thinks about sexual harassment-probe her about why rape-about regulatory bodies pertaining to sex crimes. We also need to inform about stigmatization that goes in the community with teenage pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases and Of course tell them that the rapist might be just next door or the person whom she thinks is her world. At least -lets us make them aware of sexual crimes and how to deal with such issues.

 Today our kids have access to multimedia and the probability to get hooked to various vulgar audio-visual elements is very high than ever before.  Despite of imparting media literacy-still we need to be vigilant and ensure that the video games that they play-magazines that they read-the songs that they listen to and the movies that that they watch need to be censored in such a way that they are not offended.   Let’s face it-many things around us has become sensuous-be it a simple TV ad or a MTV song. In the name art-the lyrics-the motion pictures are outrageously explicit in nature-parents need to be careful!  Face booking, we chatting through various social networks need be encouraged and channeled only through proper conversation about its implication and its relationship to their sexual growth.

 However, while doing this- Let us not give them an impression of intrusion, imposition and intimidation-let’s talk rather than lecturing about it to our kids-lets share our own experiences and lessons and relate to their own developing sexuality. 

Despite understanding the urgency and the existence of such scenario-if the parents  feel irked and put a face of denial about this issue-certainly It  would be the most piteous picture ever.

Yes there is nothing wrong when an iconic public figure advocates about it through a popular social media to our kids-yes there is nothing wrong when teachers and health workers do it-so why will it be wrong on the parents to advocate sex education to their own kids-now. 

Bottom line: Our parents may not have-but-we have to-sex education is our kids' rights.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Good Governance in the Classroom setting?

Teaching is an exhibition of one’s true governance; and how you teach and interact especially in classroom setting explicitly reflects your style and quality of governance. Therefore, every individual that bangs into teaching needs to first clearly understand the importance of embracing the idea of Good Governance and need to rigorously beef up-contemplate and ultimately need to realize the entire mechanism of Good Governance.

Today, a teacher that undermines the idea of Good Governance and solely focuses upon delivering his subject across to the learners are more likely to end up either frustrated or disillusioned with some learners. As a teacher, if we put all our money in rigorous pre-planning and post-planning of the lesson anticipating good outcome, then yes-we are either gullible or blissfully ignorant at this juncture, and on wards.

Yes-we know that teaching is not mere transmission of information and skills to the learners today; teaching is an expression-an emotive art-very subtle at times and very explicit on other generally determine by our learners mode of learning as well as by teacher's sheer love of teaching.   Yes, there is no denying that what we teach is important but again deep down we also know that how we teach cannot be equated with what we teach.  This, because the former is driven by end product while the latter focuses upon the procedural aspects of the teaching which ultimately mirrors the elements of Good Governance to our learners.

Hence, we need to clearly understand where we need to seek immediate intervention in our teaching. And this clearly leads us towards understanding of Good Governance within the four walls of our classrooms.

Moreover with ban of corporal punishment; the concept of placing Good Governance in teaching learning process has become a top priority. When we talk about strengthening Good Governance- basically we are talking about strengthening and refining the processes involved in teaching and learning.

 It is indeed a moral duty for the teacher to practise Good Governance in the classroom setting because intriguingly as it may seem, teachers are only the institution of Good Governance if ever looked from the learners’ standpoint. Thus, Teacher and Good Governance is an indispensable characteristic to our learners.

Now the question that ultimately arises is-what is Good Governance in teaching terms? What would Good Governance mean to a teacher and to the learners? As a teacher-have we ever propagated the idea of Good Governance consciously to our learners? Do our learners need to learn and practise Good Governance? What are the common core attributes of Good Governance in teaching sense?

These are some of questions that have always enticed us and led us to a journey with a rock solid awareness that the teacher needs to embody Good Governance and nothing will deters us from realizing it and ultimately advocating it…

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

He got a smile...

Sometimes life springs right in front of you and he hollers at you, “Boy, got you this time!”   
Startle-you gasp unable to believe that life can be so overwhelming at times.  
What he does-he rolls his sleeve and neatly pulls out one of his favourite monster from his closet and drops right before your nose. Then, twinkling a shifty smile he circles you and muffles, “What you gonna do now-this bad uncle monster is going to eat you up!”

Amid his mocking smile and laughter-your good instinct-can only tell you to turn your back and run hard down the lane. But before you could do that-much to your annoyance, he swiftly pulls out another terrifying monster behind your back.

Then, putting a cheeky smile, “Well, my boy-this is what we call a Mickey Mouse right between the monster and the deep blue sea. The choice is all yours.”
The two monsters sharpen their blood thirsty eyes and gritted their fangs to go all over you.  Indeed a bad-bad monster.

“Supplicate before them, beg for mercy-and   give them your smile, you will go safe-or else-” His thunderous laughter made him speak no further. 

As you were standing there, your head started playing all sorts of games with you; he tells you to unbuckle your revolver and hit them clean-Bang! Bang! Bang! Then, again your head, tells you to beg for mercy and give him what he demands.

But one thing that you know is you are way beyond guns and way beyond monsters.  Your helpless moments will never change you for what you believe in and what you yearn for-your heart-your indomitable will to be a real man will live on and your smile will never be treaded to those who demands-your faiths stands tall.

Yes, you are small, yes, you are scared-but deep inside you know that no monster can trample the heart of the man.

No matter what- you have decided to stand firmly on your feet. You simply won’t allow life to dictate terms and conditions for your survival.
Life was looking at you and waiting for the response. Rustling his bone dry palms, “Yes, your smile and we all go happy from here. ”

You stood there saying not a word.

“I am asking for the last time-are you not gonna fall on to your knees and hand them your smile?”  His roaring voice meant clear annoyance. “I tell my monsters and you-you will be split into two. That’s what you want huh?”

You are definite to stand and you just stood there-strongly.

“On your knees-Damn it!” life went wild. 
“Fall-you pathetic being-or else you die!”

There was a sudden jerk at first-then it was followed by a hard crashing sound and everything went cold.Then you knew you were being spattered hard on the ground. You could barely stand-you were wobbling, your eyes were bruised and tattered.  Badly shaken but still you manage to stand right into his face. Blood dripped and soiled your face-all red!

“On your knee-you damned meat-or else you die!”

You were still wobbling, straining your bruised and blood stained eyes you ran straight at him, and you flashed across a smile and whispered:


He struck you hard and you dusted deep into the dirt. Instantly your body went still and finally the only twinkling lights you had in your eyes too gave in. 

But I can still recollect your smile-my goodness! How can you have that perfect smile-awesome man! I wish everyone could have smile like yours…