Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Religious Discourse and Positive Disciplining
Exerting power creates disgruntlement-and at times leads to power struggle; nobody can imagine about being docile today. The word, “control” should be given a low profile especially in a classroom setting because today-nobody wants to have a feeling that he/she is being controlled. However, it is very important that he have firm grip on our kids in a given situation and today’s challenge as teacher, as a parent is-how are we going to keep our kids in so called good shape without making them smell that we are governing over them?

Let’s accept this-at times it looks extremely laborious and tend to form a shape of nuisance when we explain everything about our intent and conduct towards kids. They tend to brand as preacher and above all-it’s perceived as an exertion of power against their will.  
One thing is damn sure-lets work on the attitude building.

Among many positive disciplining approaches towards positive attitude building-religious discourse can be one medium to promote and consolidated positive attitude in the lives of the students.  I mean any religious discourse that spreads secularism and values of humanity should be encouraged in various learning institutions and working organizations.

Amid so much of academic pressure and that intense urgency to deliver the expectation of parents and teachers-kids are constantly hammered onto their psychological well being and ultimately drains inside out.

Besides we also know that there are another breed f kids who are misfits-they feel they are enforced to fly when they know they are like a fish. Some they can’t stick to the school norms and some they have problems beyond the walls of school campus.  For such kids they need situation where they can connect with spiritual tinge in their life to make him do kind of soul searching.

 Conducting religious discourse is one such activities that can help kids to understand themselves and become self reflective about their thoughts and actions. Moreover, seeing a spiritual leader sharing his realization can arouse that sense of duty towards oneself, family and the communities around them and ultimately giving them positive outlook towards life.  Besides, it also can also ignite faith-devotion and human spirit that knows how to handle himself through every thick and thin.

Kids need direction but how we direct them is what it matters.