Monday, 15 June 2015

Singing to learn English

If you are stuck somewhere in far flung remote school and you find weird English then it’s time you sing along with your learners. 

“No more “chilli eating “and “head and shoulder” I want you to sing-One Direction, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars… Now go out in the world and get some songs here!”  Stumped and dazed kids would look at each other and 
pop out that unsure smile to one another.

 “Get down into your writing portfolio-then practise! Practise!”

“Sir! No sir! I don’t know any English song”

“Well that’s good! If you need some marks you better-”

“Sir!” Their twitching face fun watch!

“Every day, before the lesson begins, I want two-two of you to come before the class and sing!”

So every day, before the lesson starts, two kids will show up to sing.   At times there are moments where children listen in complete silence-awestruck and at times there are also moments where class roar in laughter including the singer as singing turns into kind of  stand-up comedy.

Nevertheless, singing continues…