Saturday, 6 February 2016

i am a fish...

Birds laugh at him, they think he is worst than a mole-they swear all kinds at him-“small!” “Forsaken!” “Cursed one!” “Alien!” “Prehistoric” Tags like these go on and on… and most shockingly, they testify him as a perfect synonym for limitation.

Yes, my friend-you are talking not of a birdie but one heck of fish-a fish who is a fish-nothing more!

In principle, he (Fish) can’t fly and that is something very idiotic-very hilarious for the bird company to learn about.  You have seen some birds holding their bellies and laughing till their stomach hurt and for some it was breach of their scared laws which only an idiot would ever think of doing it.  

Amid such hostile and confused period that’s where you step in…and your mission-your job is to make everyone fly. You are one hell of Mr. Fix

Immediately you jump into action-summoning the fish you work on him.

“If you wanna stay here in Rome-you do the Romans style here-no Ganam-no  Rajini style or else… a sleek fish like you have got no meaning-here!  Its 21st century baby-you got to stick-here-you gonna learn some birdie style-here!!”

“sir, you think I can fly?”

“That’s what I am here for!''

But first you have to believe, belief is what you have got and as long as you hold on to it-you are not done-you muster yourself with strong electric heart-and-you go full gun blazing to clinch your victory. And no freaking man on this damn earth can stop you from flying-remember this-
you will be the world’s first ever fish to fly-forget those flying fins-it’s no real flying-it’s you-it’s you who will show the world how a fish fly just like those damn good angry birds!”

“But sir-I got a question!”

“Do birds know how to swim-swim like me?”

“That’s an idiotic question -say no more!”

“But Sir-swimming is fun-”

“Outrageous! This is total blasphemous! This act is deemed as a sign of disobedience. We are done-no more flying classes!”

Pissed off-you walked away…

But I know my friend, you gonna come back-aren't you that  Mr. Fix who told me that belief is all I have got? I am stilling holding on to it-I am down but not broken-

 And I am not yet done …