Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Let’s talk exam...

For some kids-the intensity is never like before-especially at this hour; kids could be seen hitting the books harder than ever!   They clearly understand that much of what they have learnt will be now measured through the medium called Exams. Thus, this realization leads  them to reckon exam as some kind of strenuous activity and instantly they wear that serious expression till it’s all over.  
 Indeed there nothing wrong with the element of seriousness but the question is-to what extent should we allow our kids to be serious when it comes to exams. And during that phase, how do we come in as a teacher-as parents? How do we help them to navigate smoothly through their exams?

Yes, some of us have enticed our kids by promising that we will buy them a flashy lightening McQueen-but-only under the condition if he gets through with something handsome to show off. In a worst case scenario, some of us might be radically drilling the consequences in their head and intimidating what will happen if things turn out ugly from exams. The pressure is full on-and the target setting contract with the teacher of scoring 60% and above rings into their head.   Very categorically, some of us-we lay down our expectations and remind them to be prepared for the penalties. It is indeed a serious business here!

Amid such events, do we ever consider the factors that determine the degree of their intensity with regard to examination? Do we really think about how far we should be pushing them? Do we really-like, look into their behavior pattern-like-are they able to eat and sleep well? Are they in a right frame of mind to appear for the exams?  In fact how do you ensure sound physical and mental state at the point of time?

We know some kids break down at times, unable to cope-unable to accept the results. At that crucial moment, how do we conduct ourselves so that we signal assurances and comfort?  How do we plan the rebuilding program for the kids specially to mend their psychological status? The point here is straight; we don’t want to be the factor that triggers that humungous fear at such events of their lives nor do we want to give them an impression that they are all alone to prove to the world how good they are. Like it or lump it-exams are stressful-kids do need us! 

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