Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Conformity kills an individual

You know you are well knitted around-they have clipped you and caged you according to their tune.  They are sure that you are yet another doll who would look awesome in their daily puppetry show. Inter-dependency keeps on ringing at back of your head-that makes you docile.  You are confused-but more scared that you might end up hurting your commune.  Controversy, criticism and fear of being targeted by mass leaves you no choice but to dance when they dance-cry when they cry. If they say “yellow” you got to say “yellow”- or else…

 “Sentiments of mass is always right-and you-you are just one wrong man!”  Groups look intimidating, so you are bound to be dummy.  Moreover, who likes hullabaloo around- that too against your own elite group. All you can do is suffocate yourself within-and you yell inside in sheer frustration, “Let me fly-I have my dreams!”

Staging an aggressive stereotypical setting-duplication of self becomes customary- persuaded by mass-they stamp you to death little by little.  You are growing but according to their standpoint. They frantically assure you that you know no good for yourself and they are here to shape you. 

Don’t you think you are here to design yourself according to your beliefs and attitude? You go around- first explore and then- you resolve down to give yourself a shape.  Yes, you are inter-reliant but you are not certainly just the same as others-you are different; you fellow but you may not copy. Your beliefs-your dreams are your greatest strength-once you doubt your beliefs and your dreams-you are dead.

Conformity is not a comfort but a curse…

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