Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I Hate Buddha

All I know about him is that he was no good father-no good son-no good husband. Goodness me! Can you believe it-this guy renounce kingship-I mean the best comfort which every people yearns for.   Must have lost his mind-otherwise who on this earth will throw away his rich family wealth and power-and that too when you are sound-27 bloody years old-who would? I am damn sure you won’t disagree-Beautiful princess, lovely son and heir to golden throne comes not to all-any people would envy him; but here we find this guy who sneak out into the wilderness relinquishing what every soul on earth lives for.

I heard a lot about him; he talks about suffering-nirvana-karma. Do you think I really care about it…sorry to say this but I find Kurt Cobain’s nirvana sexier than Buddha’s Nirvana.  And who the hell is this Karma? There are so many Karmas here-I hope he is not talking about my friend whose name is Karma Dorji.  And suffering-it’s just a pain in the ass-we got to deal with it-like it or not.  Perhaps money can rub off suffering-better run after money.

Must be really mad-I have to smirk here-how can you go around holding a bowl begging for food when you were destined to be a king. Ask any man on this world-they will definitely choose king over beggar-after all who wants to starve to death.  Be honest when I ask you-lets say you are given a choice either to become a yogi or to become a common man-which one would you like to go for? If you are saying "yogi" then I hope you must have thought millions times before uttering the word, “Yogi.”

Know what!  I have to see Buddha once-and there I will tell him all that I am telling you.  Right before his face I will yell , “BUDDHA I HATE YOU!”  Why shouldn't I say this-he is all crap!

Then I saw him…
courtesy: Google  
He was just there-I felt as if he was always meant to be there.  Emanating-easing-he looked so effortless.  I admit it was indeed mind boggling moment for me but I recollected myself- many times and kept reminding myself, “Hey you! Are not going to say you hate Buddha-step forward buddy you are very close now!”

Heavy! Can’t explain-my steps were getting gentle as I walked forward-I don’t know why eyes got fixed at him.  And my heart-had nothing-my mind-was all glass-empty.  It was so easy to be there-his eyes were gently closed and in lotus posture I saw him.  Can you believe it-a man who came to yell at Buddha was found supplicating before him-his teary eyes-his clasped hands rested on his chest and his lips quivering could only manage to whine like a lost puppy, “Lord! I hate you!  Lord I hate! You have been so kind! so kind!" Your voice breaks buddy-so does your heart.


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  1. No prize without a sacrifice buddy. And when one is willing to sacrifice for a better cause, one becomes a much stronger person and it is indeed the strong who have the potential to change, be it person, situation or the world itself. Peace out!!