Friday, 25 April 2014

If you only look at this sputum…

As I was twinkling my gigantic pair of black rounded eyes at this luminous, goldish in color sputum, I was reminded of my own squelchy sputum which was probably snoring at the deepest corner of my foul reddish respiratory tract. The absolute freshness, greasy and calm mesmerizing sputum was hard to be ignored. The Worm-like stuff was heartlessly spattered against the whitish wall that read, “Do not litter here.” This blonde like sputum was staring at me as I happen to lay my jumpy quivering eyes at it.

 As I kept on piercing my dark marble like eyeball at this unsung piece of man’s creation, there was something more in it; her artistry display was too hypnotizing. Yellow like a yoke of an oval crimson local egg-she was screening. As she was meandering sluggishly like a snail, she began to pose S-like-naked formation with a perfect bulge at both the edges. Her, wetly exhibition with the aroma of lemon like scent could have made anyone grow wild like those patched hyenas of Africa.

Further, I saw the presence of those reddish networks of nerves like sticky stuff at the centre of her which ran from the bottom edge of her towards the upper edge; and that reddish sticky thing glowed to give her a sexy touch.  “Wow! What a sexy sputum, I wonder who had given birth to it and left her all alone!” I reflected to myself.

Then, as she was stretching herself-too much; she began to break lump by lump down into the dry dust below.  She was falling down-hard; those lustful dusts couldn’t ignore her eroticism-they were puffing out toxic smoke. She choked-breathe hard but those dusts kept on piercing through her virgin body and engulfed her, never to be seen again.    

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