Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Resurrection of poetry
Poetry is an art of romanticism; you don’t just read it -you got to feel it!  On 19th April, 2014 our school-Mendrelgang Middle Secondary school went off the pages cruising up on to the stage to recite our favourite poems.  Hats off to Mrs. Dorji Wangmo, Mrs. Pem Zam and Mr. Samten Dhendup(Literary Club). Their idea to organize the Poetry recitation was timely. We could indeed see the revivalism of poetry in a true sense.

In school setting, Poetry as a literary genre is not that appeasing to kids compared other genres.  Kids often complain about that unseen element in our English literature exam-where an unseen poem is given.  “Sir it’s harsh upon us that we have to deal with a strange poem in the exam.”  This is an issue which needs to dealt sensible rather then quickly jumping into some kind of harsh conclusion.  But one thing is sure-it is the “unseen elements” that gets into their head which rattles their confidence otherwise poetry is like any other genre.  I believe it is more of restoring their confidence…

Nevertheless, in our school kids and teachers got together-interestingly science teachers, economics and mathematics teachers particularly seize the moment to share their love for poetry by helping their respective classes.    We could see poetry bringing teachers and students close to each other-I mean the intensity of interaction-interaction of emotions through poetry was tremendous. 

Saturday, in Mendrelgang MSS- poetry as an art came alive-background music- colourful costumes-characters –children enjoying recitation-indeed it was poetry in motion.  This thoughtful events powered by creative teachers and students really touched all the observers.  Such celebration of poetry will be hard to forget-once again hats off to all the students and the teachers.

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