Sunday, 20 April 2014

I love death…
As you go on with your life-you hear death at one stage of your life-and then you instantly run deep into death and began to ask. “What the hell is this-man?” I get to fix this out!”  And amid your bustling life you corner out some time to figure out death because-deep inside you know very well- that you can’t go on and on playing easy upon it.    “At one stage I have to stare eye to eye with it-I must be prepared!” That’s what you keep on reminding yourself every now and then feeling bit scared about it.

Then-your vodka-bloody punch-perhaps your favorite tequila shots gets into you; you yell your heart out like passionate wolf-“Death catch me if you can-I know you are jealous because I am flying right?  Come on! Come on! You are jealous right?”  Things get pretty mixed up for while-and you don’t even want to hear death.  You want to calm yourself saying that you have lot better things to do in life than simply brooding about death.  “I have a sexy girlfriend to handle-serious job to impress and loads of cigarette to puff out! Death-you’re a misfit in my life-I don’t care about you anymore!”  At this stage you have simply lost the plot! Confusing at times leads to ignorance and that’s what is happening with you.  A fake bliss swirls around you and you act like a heart broken lover-trying to forget everything knowingly you can’t.
Then-then-you feel the vibes-I mean the positive vibes.  Like those starving hyenas in the Animal Planet-you look for a book that reads about positivism-perhaps throw a surprising party to friends or roll your sleeves for some community services or hit the theater for some comedy masala.  You’re doing this to keep yourself aloof from death-you know this very well…

After few days-months or after few years-death will certainly pass by you-perhaps through illness-a fatal accident to your friend-or  let’s say you switch on to CNN and suddenly a very animated reporter sparks you with the images of civilian being bombed-blood-bodies everywhere- then-then you see the death again which you have been avoiding for so many years. 

At that moment a distressing kind of feelings- gushes up-you feel sad.  You feel like kicking yourself for your naivety and then secretly-finally you learn to embrace death-“I was naive that I ignored you-now not any more. I am sorry-very very sorry!  It is you who made me value life-If you weren't there I wouldn't have learned to appreciate my life!” You simply can stop crying...

“I love you death! I love you!”


  1. well written... like the wit!

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  3. death is one way journey forward where there is no life coming back,.....believe in death which mean strongest force at any time,.....