Thursday, 3 April 2014

Teacher in Making Nation
     Teaching is not a job but a rare, precious and must responsibility of every mankind irrespective of what position he holds in the humanistic setting.  However, it is understandable that a man who doesn’t believe in a cause greater than himself is not a teacher otherwise teaching is a sublime- transcending art which flows in the blood of every Bhutanese who believes in social peace and freedom. It is a simple service to our society-nothing more. 
     Sadly, there is strong misleading impression among few individuals who outrageously dares to label and pack this noble practice only to those who are frequently soiled with chalk dust and often sarcastically called by the term, “Lopon.”  These wise men who had narrowed down teaching exclusively to teachers and to a prescribed curriculum can certainly upset the social harmony in the nearing future and such instilled belief has strong tendency to shy away from social collective responsibility.  Selfishness can supersede selflessness within our brothers. This cheap intruding notion in our Bhutanese context needs to be abandon quickly-forever.  Here, this is Bhutan, with its Gross National Happiness not America with its American Dream.  We talk of community not of an individual.
     Yes, indeed there is never a slightest doubt that teacher has been enshrined with tremendous boon for engineering our nation. However, first, we ought to understand that anyone who can’t practice and preach, “Love” is never a teacher even though he might boast of university degree in teaching.  As a matter fact, even a street beggar can be reckoned as a teacher if he can emanate “love” to the mankind.  Bhutan, an agrarian and small nation which has been bonded by love so far, needs only love -love for our king, love for our country and love for our people.
     This is my firm believe that any man who believes in love should teach because undeniably-he can be the best teacher irrespective of “who” “what” he is in the society.  Love is the core requirement for any man who wishes to be a teacher, rest are periphery.
     “Teachers are nation builder.” This is very absorbing and thoughtful statement which has been sheepishly underrated by some section of our modern society.  Let us accept this! This service has been indeed overlooked.  If it isn’t then, why are our young graduates not keen to join this service despite knowing its nobility?  Who should be held accountable for this? I just don’t know. But, one thing is sure, nobility of this service has been openly mocked and eventually the image of this divine like service has been immensely hampered. Where did we go wrong? How do we go about it?  Come forward and be bold enough to ask, “Teachers are you happy?” Or else an alien chattering about what he should do will make little sense. It’s really disturbing to realize that the statement, “Teachers are nation builder,” which was stated with such a noble intention has been misinterpreted into a pathetic sarcasm.    
     Nevertheless, on the positive note, without taking away anything from other civil servants, I strongly believe that teachers can have the greatest impact pertaining to nation building.  And, why they shouldn’t? They should.  Only the question that arises is-how? Is it through bombarding students with job determined facts and figures which ultimately manifest into numerous professions?  Or is it through dogmatizing students with chauvinistic and religious sentiments?  Then, how do teachers hand themselves in making nation?  Indisputably, simply becoming doctors, engineers, educationists, lawyers and many just don’t make nation; it’s the sense of love within them for the community that paves the way for nation. Hence, teachers must ensure that their pupil is a good human being before he is good doctors.  In our country, our chief priority is to have good human being first than a good doctor. A good pupil can be a good doctor but can good doctor be a good pupil? Genius of a child is secondary when goodness matters-at least for me.  
     We have to also rethink about a child who holds distinction certificate in his academic results but reflects shaky moral standards.  Please! Always remember! Education that is offered by a real teacher never concerns with individualistic growth but with the growth of community as whole.  Any state can never be apprehensive with regard to losing its culture and sovereignty if their children are imparted with education that is principally guided by morality.  For instance, look at our country, although we are militarily, economically and geographically modest but yet it stands proudly between two super powers of Asia.  This is solely because of our fore-fathers’ strong principles based on unity and freedom.  Let’s salute our forefathers for being the greatest teacher of unity and freedom.  The message is crystal clear-as a teacher, we mustn’t fail to inspire strong moral codes to our students. Thus, morality becomes indispensible gift from the teacher to his nation by producing pupils who are willing to work morally for the cause of the civilization.
     As a teacher always remind yourself that you have been vested with supreme-sacred power which is intended only for you to use wisely  for the societal advancement.  You won’t believe this; the power in your hand can also destroy a nation.
In the face of mammoth like challenges before you, I beseech you- to push on and on.  Hide your sad stories and let your children dream big-that’s what you are meant to do as a teacher.  If your child is sad, make him realize the power of smile.  If the child is off track, show him the power of patience in you.  Always believe this! You are his super hero! He will always look up to you as you are the eyes of a child through which he sees his dream.  No matter what, the flame of teaching should never get doused at any cost; some might laugh, but you are indeed special-very very special. Perhaps, someday in the history of mankind, people might come to realize the wisdom of Lord Alfred Tennyson, reflected in his Ulyssess:
I am a part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’
Gleams that untravell’d world, whose margin fades
For ever and for ever when I move.
How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
To rust unburnish’d, not to shine in use!


  1. Wonderful thoughts but from an individual's front. No doubt that an individuals effort makes a difference in global front but when it comes to our Bhutanese society and mentality, the system needs to change. Developed countries educate their youth with a vision, a vision of their(youths) own, what interest them the most and prepare them to face the real world. My entire schooling life was a confusion. I studied everything provided till the 10th grade. I took up commerce during my high school and have a degree in Hotel and catering management. However, i am a cultural guide as of now and my education doesn't end, everyday, during the walk of life, there is something new for me to learn. Schooling days are long gone but never the days to learn.
    Show them, teach them, prepare them what they want to become and how they want to contribute to the nation when their schooling days are over. When ones a student is ready to face the real world as an adult, a better foundation for a better nation is already created.

    1. yea its subjective in nature...can't deny about it...well thanks for reading and yes i do share the same sentiments about the confusion we go through in schooling..."Schooling days are long gone but never the days to learn." Beautiful thought buddy...

  2. Hats off to you for the thought provoking phrases for those who are slumbering. Second thought to be given and realize for those who are in to it. Keep it up! sir.

  3. wow gud write up Dhengpo......i must say that u have all potential to capture someone to read ur article read again n again......