Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Spare the Rod and Smarten the Child Buddy!
 Patience! Hope! - is what you have to hold on it. A wise man without patience will raise his eyebrows-frowning all over-he will act as if he has got ants in the pants and desperately look for another wise like him and then together they will move mountains and earth to prove that people like me are na├»ve and  aloof from ground reality.  But one thing is damn sure-we have differences…

Have you heard about EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION?  This stuff works magic with kids.   Today’s kids are mentally delicate because of various pressures from all the sides. There is pressure from teachers and parents-kids are constantly reminded that they need to imbibe swiftly and deliver swiftly when demanded in the exam or in the job market. “We deprive ourselves to make you go to school-always be aware that we bear all this pain for you-our sacrifices should never go in vain-you are our hope!”

“World is cruel-it is all about the survival of the fittest-you got to be the best-the fastest-the smartest…you have to be the winners” naturally stress gets good of our kids and lets accept it-they are treated like a programmed robots.

Even in their circle-they think they have to prove-they feel that they are always being judge by their comrades around. At teen-they crave for attention-at the back their head they keep on saying, “I got to prove!”  In the course of proving the world what he is-he drags on and on-inviting more confusing and frustration. Conformist environment kills his self belief and dreams.  Thus, his self-esteem goes down to the drain.

Forget about my personal feeling about being teenager-I have spent almost five years with the middle secondary going students-goodness-their(Many) self-esteem is too lane and lanky. They are too protective about their self-image. Thus, you too might have come across- today’s teenagers are emotionally sensitive-even more sensitive towards those events or situation which are apparent to damage their self-esteem; you scold-some will take to their heart all the time-some will exhibit their raw attitude.  we have to think million times when you are using-Name-and shame strategy- it can psychologically kill a child-and mind you-a dead kid inside is a dead kid outside-suicide is triggered when we damage their self-esteem…instilling fear and taming can be seen by kids as stabilizing your dominance over them…your good intention can be always misread…don't compare your upbringing scenario and push it to today's kids...rather than sticking to old hard rule-why not innovative and move forward with style and elegance 

Despite of all this speculation, kids yearn for emotional support-they seek inspiration deep inside.  They want us to understand them-this is where extrinsic motivation comes to the scene. Positive probing-positive reinforcement boosts their confidence and gradually they learn to open-up. We need to cater to their psychological needs and this extrinsic motivation gradually radiates all other positive attitudes in them. Self belief can be restored…

Folks! Again I’m saying-Patience! Perseverance! And hope…lets inspire and mould our kids with goodness-providing a space for them to buddy! Better spare the rod and smarten the child...


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