Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Ghost Wind

I saw the mud mopped road to dark sleepy woods

Amid the giggling air-I saw this ghostly wind winding wildly with the willows

Beneath his heavy boots-crunching of oak leaves echoed pain

Whistling devilishly at every snoring trees

He started snarling-gnawing like mad bull dog

Then ripping! Slashing!

His cold blooded fangs run deep into the blood

Puffing pain and poison-All looked tattered

Cold! Cold! The souls fell one by one

Then turning his ferocious face at me

He opened his red blood stained arms

“Come here!” he hollowed deep

His blood dripping fingers calling me
Standing still I was scared to step
Trembling I begged, “Mercy! Mercy! I am yours-please!”
Clasping his red hands behind his back
He turned far deep into the woods laughing-
“I don’t kill a dead man!”

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