Friday, 27 June 2014

Name-calling kills
Name calling can be fun as long as it not happening to you.  Name calling can be far venomous than spanking-at times.  But again, spanking has propensity to name calling.  Thus spanking can never rule out name calling.

 Spanking is dinosaurs-buried into the dust. Sometimes I wonder whether people who casually pile on to someone has any idea that while name calling, they might be causing permanent indentation with regard to their self esteem-with regard to their way of life.   

I may be wrong but my feeling is that among our part of the world name calling is being taken lightly especially by those who are fond of it.  Perhaps our social mindset is such that we tend to enjoy and appreciate those people who resort to name calling; in fact these people are reckoned as witty and smart among their circle. 

Here, I am not talking about those provocative political slanders and blame game nor am I talking about those pet names we Bhutanese have-nor those playful comments that we pass on while playing khuru or archery... 

Name calling which I am talking about is mostly associated with somebody’s physical looks-with somebody's intelligence –with somebody's caste and creed and that too-you do it before a huge crowd.  And such persistent name calling is indeed a sign of intrusion in somebody’s life-it's a sign of dominance-At times, it's sign of communalism.

Name calling is not strict advising-it is not even scolding-not teasing-not some laughter comedy show where people hold their belly and laugh to death at somebody’s mockery.

It’s such a damn cheap act. Let us stop it when someone says, “It’s enough-please!”

People who are victimized by such act are dead man.  Just imagine his psychological health- when he/she is mentally disturbed what can we expect from him.  If he is student-then school is a hell-he will withdraw from the crowd-poor performance in academics and timid participation in co-curricular activities-prone to drugs and suicide.  

Kids today are emotionally sensitive and emotionally weak too-what you might have causally remarked might just turn out to be a pathetic name-calling. 

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