Thursday, 3 July 2014

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”  Albert Einstein

High level of creativity is a reflection of high level of visualization-of that particular kid.  Knowledge can programmed into our kids but imagination cannot-unless parents and educators create a learning setting which will make them to invoke their mind to higher level of questioning-higher level of discussion within active groups and of course providing them a space to experiment. 

A learning process that demands exploration-discovery and strong reasoning helps kids to achieve high level of realization at end of task.  Such activities can drive them to visualize-and when their visualization is materialized-it is creativity-it is pure imagination! 

An imaginative kid is more likely to succeed and led an interesting(meaninful) life than kid who always runs for facts and figures.  A kid that is imaginative is generally characterized by keen sense of maturity in terms of creativity and critical thinking.  Rigorous curiosity and eagerness to learn new things is overwhelming. These kids are thinkers-planners-highly aware and realized in their respective fields.  He is an insatiable explorer  of his mind who firmly believes in his power of imagination.

Whereas the kid who is more glued to framed information is likely be to be stagnant –rigid in terms of originality and will be too bookish in nature.  Moreover in life, he/she will be docile to their bosses and to their company.  If he becomes a boss, he will be one-sided- shamelessly and animatedly pushing his views to be the reckoned as a universal truth by his subordinates.  As a boss, he will create more panic-indecisiveness  will be apparent and weaken his managerial profile through constant threatening and ofcourse shying away when problems arises. Their speeches, interviews and presentation will boring. If they are panelist-judge-it will be stereotypical-demanding nothing more than facts and figures.  His/her understanding of the world will be within his home to his office. And their presentation of life would of complete obedience to their environment knowing that there is more for amendments-room for innovation.  These kids in life would never learn the true meaning of freedom. Limiting his rights-limiting his mind he won’t even realize that he had killed his power of imagination!

Imagination leads to creativity and creativity leads to success (Success may not necessarily refer to high post in govt. / some corporate companies-here success means being able to realize your imagination and deriving satisfaction from it-its freedom.)

 Blindly bombarding the kids with bookish information and shaping accordingly to your thoughts and beliefs is a deadly way of killing a child’s imagination.  As parent-as an educator, lets create more thinkers than robots-because robots never ask why two plus two equals to five-instead, annoyingly, they keep on repeating-two plus two equals five...   

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