Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Media Education in school is a pressing need…
Are our kids media literate?  Have we ever advocated our kids about internet etiquette? Do our kids have any idea about the mechanism of how some multi-media organization  and paper media offices work?  Today, our kids are exposed to various magazines, news papers, television programmes and to internet?  Therefore it is definite that they are exposed to various audio-visual information hardly realizing that these aired information can be commercially motivated-some with bias propaganda and some with chauvinistic drive. Every concerned parents and educationists should realize the immediacy of advocating kids especially upon the digital media. Today, parents cannot afford to be complacent and shift this delicate task to our teachers and play safe-in fact it’s a joint responsibilities.

In a school setting, teacher can advocate and make our kids aware of how to approach and how to react to various technological gadgets- and the information that they derived with use of such hi-tech gadgets. While at home parents can be exemplary and monitor how they respond to such gadgets and the information that they accumulated through it.  As a matter fact, educating our kids to handle multimedia with right approach is the key.

Today, modern media is aggressive-fast and tingling.  In the pretext of sustenance, at times various vulgar images and tapes are flashed to earn money.  Moreover, business orientated ads thinks in terms of profit and can go to any extent to falsify information and annoyingly play foul with the language. Let’s accept it, their intent is more to profit than product.  However, it would be naïve to blame the media-perhaps it is our complacency and ignorance that is more to blame.

The video violence through some Play station and computer games, television, movies are rampant.  At times, exhibition of pornography and vulgarism in digital gaming world is too extreme for psychological growth of our kids.  Moreover, sexism, stereotypical showcase of products and some ads are too impractical to comprehend yet viewers are easily mesmerized to it.

Can anyone really increase their heights with xyz product?  It is pretty amazing to believe that there are some products which can help to pop out our muscles without exercise?  Would you like to use perfume that makes girls run after you?  A fake dentist telling us to use his choice of product is too cheap to watch?   There is nothing wrong in watching such amazing creativity but how you respond to it after watching is critical.

Friends, we really need to enlighten our kids to handle handsomely when it comes to media information. Let’s make them media literate otherwise unpleasant rumours and subjective opinion can lead to a society that can be extremely communal and  poorly educated citizen pertaining handling media and its mechanism.

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  1. Hi Sonam sir, I agree. The kids these days are exposed to plenty media networks. The responsibility to filter it squarely falls on parents, teachers and policy makers. There is a call for this. Thanks.