Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Night

Shhhhhh Silence! Please!
Heels up and on toes
The night whispered up to the jingle- jangle stars
Then seizing his soiled shoes he sneaked into the sleepy darkness
Like an unsettle thief eyeing only for his price.
The old boring yellow moon raised his grey brows and asked,
“Hmmm, I can see you!
Daring to do away with your duty huh?”
Gasping and scowling the night replied,
“Gone! I am gone! I yearn for freedom!
Over the hushed hills and cold canyons
He rode his horse-flip flop! Flip flop!
And the wind came yapping and whining like a lost puppy,
“You can’t leave me behind-I am all yours,
This wood-the smell of our home,
Songs of our birds and your favourite-roasted corn of the early summer,
Your books and your pipe-won’t you miss them?
My love! My Love! Come home-Stay!.”
Poor wind! Her diamond like tears tickling down,
She was rustling through the dead oaks.
“I wish I could.” The night trembled
Good bye! Love! ”
The sea was calling him as death waited with oars on his hand,
Down he plunged deep into the gargling sea
Never to be seen again.

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