Sunday, 15 November 2015

Inculcating Positive Discipline through Youth-Police partnership

Advocacy of laws to the students and motivating them to partner with police and other stakeholders can be one more step towards propagating of positive discipline among our students. Such awareness campaign led by Police experts or law makers have the ability to authenticate and established a firm credibility among the youth about the entire mechanism of laws.

Nature of such holistic campaign is certain to reinforce our youth about their roles toward complying with the laws and moreover it helps to dispel their exhibition of ignorance and naivety pertaining to the laws. Therefore, when the students are well informed about the implications of coming in conflict with the laws-they tend to recognize their civic roles-held themselves accountable for civic engagement with laws and its stakeholders.

Today, at a school, all the schools need to have a serious law Club to help kids understand the system of laws and its implications. Media and other information centers needs to cater towards youth about laws in much more amiable ways-in fact all the concerned bodies need be more charismatic-empowering our youth can be best done by ensuring to educate them about laws.

Cementing Law literacy among the youth is a masterstroke and it helps youth to understand Laws and Police in much more friendly attitude, and further helps to draw youth towards stable community building.  Thus, it gives shape to positive discipline.
Many juvenile crimes are rampant but with such robust advocacy movement of RBP backed by teachers, parents and communities with various agencies-we can surely help our youth to retire from committing unlawful acts. Lets us all make our kids conscious towards law and help them to realize their roles with the laws. This movement needs to vibrate far and wide.

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