Saturday, 21 November 2015

The taste of your own medicine…

You are in good form and you keep going.  There is total intensity and you start to believe that you are one of the coolest teacher ever on this planet-but suddenly out of nowhere you see some teens in you class smirking and finding witty words in the middle of your intense delivery which you feel is brutally unwelcoming at such juncture yet you try to go easy upon it because you too were-once-twice like that. 

“Face off isn’t good for all…let it be…kids are not bad they are little more restless-that’s all.” You  shy away and stick to overhauling them back to the lesson.

Your class has to be interesting; you know your class cannot be one way traffic-so you throw them some questions to make them stay with you-you honestly believe in having very interactive classes. So you roll your sleeves and jostle through.

But all your brainstorming and probing tactics get muddled up because of some clever acting kids who has got all the answers in the world. They start picking at you with amusing remarks that somehow relates to your lesson but never helps you to fulfill your lesson objectives. 

 So here you are-In a flash, all your rhythm starts to fade  and you have no flow whatsoever because you find your kids chuckling and now you know you have lost your entire grip over them.  Your kids indeed had interesting class but you-certainly not!

“Oye! Oye! Am I becoming some sort a laughing stock here?” You are forced to be self conscious. Your nervousness clearly hangs on your face and since you are teacher you feel intimidated and that's where your ego gets battered. You feel provoked and now instinctively you transform into a devil like.  You eyes pop out and goodness me!  You are one perfect Dorjee Drolo!

 “Let me show them who is the boss here!”

You lash out. “Do it again and you are a dead man walking!”  Then you turn over to the rest, “ And here on, no body talks! No body laughs! I say “Talk”,  you “talk”,  I say “Laugh!” you “Laugh!” or else it WARRRRRRRRRRRR!”

Your kids are surely jolted-now everything seems sound and settled.  You hate silent classes but today you need it.  You know they have screwed it up and so you did!  Your class goes on and you know it’s not normal.  The bell rings, you collect all your stuffs and you stare at the dandies and then you walk out muttering to yourself.

“Pests! I will get you all one day!”

And I believe you had a very good taste of your own medicine…

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